Why is Ambergris Caye #1 ?

#1 Island in the world!

Ambergris Caye is a tropical paradise with outstanding natural beauty, like most of Belize. However, the island has all the conveniences you would expect in a modern city – that is a rare combination. Our island has potable water cleaner than most bottled water, fiber active cable for turbo speed internet, dozens of restaurants offering specialties from the Caribbean and around the world. Charming over the water – bistros and a few night clubs add to the excitement. English is the official language and US dollars are accepted everywhere, we are # 1 because Ambergris Caye is fun, and easy!

People are discovering the natural beauty of Belize, our warm year-round climate, the kindness of our people and a lifestyle full of fun activities. Those are just some of the reasons millions of people dream about living in Belize.

Visitors to Belize have excellent demographics, capable of paying higher rates for condos, vacation homes and hotels. Almost all Belize visitors arrive on airline flights. Ambergris Caye receives many distinguished visitors including Bill Gates, Prince Harry, and Tiger Woods. Celebrities owning property in Belize include Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Francis Ford Coppola and many others.

Real estate prices in Belize are increasing modestly, taxes are low, as is maintenance cost. When being compared to the cost of owning resort property in the U.S., a higher ROI or cap rate will almost always be realized on property in Belize.

Now is the time to buy in Belize, Island time is now! 

Where is Belize? - YouTube VideoProperty on an island is limited by definition, but  Ambergris Caye is a highly sophisticated island with 100 restaurants, dozens of water activities, adventure tours and festivals to light up the night sky over San Pedro Town – the center to island commerce and culture. Water front properties on our island are becoming scarce as more expats invest or retire in our island paradise.

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Where is Belize?

Ambergris Caye

Belize is just a two hour flight from almost anywhere in the US.

As our country grows, Belize is attracting a dozen airlines many offering direct flights at a reasonable fare. To learn more about transportation, immigration or even on how to move to Belize, Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-deB5k0ff0o&t=5s