Living and Vacationing in Ambergris Caye!


Diamante boasts one of the most coveted locations on the island and is designed in luxury; built with the utmost attention to structural integrity and energy efficiency. This construction is paramount given the exposure to the elements in this idyllic seafront location. One of our Diamante Belize videos is here on :




This is the Daddy of all Island over-the-water bars and restaurants on the island, It used to be located far to the North, but was moved to town just a few years ago. Customers floating in tubes enjoy one of the greatest swimming holes on the island.  Blue and clear as can be. Bucket of 6 beers often travel along a rope to thirsty swimmers below. Watch our video of Palapa Bar here :



Casa Pan Dulce

Our local bakery was started from home by Andre and has grown to occupy a 4 story building near Boca del Rio and a second location in the center of town on Middle Street. All the sweets you can eat – cake, pies, bread. doughnuts – they have it all. See our video of Casa Pan Dulce here:



Super Buy

Island living is more enjoyable by taking small trips to your favorite vendor for fresh as can be fruit, and visiting the butcher shop to order the select cuts you prefer  Maybe best of all is choosing between a fresh baguette or croissant in the French Bakery or heading to Casa Pan Dulce for an enormous offering of breads, cakes, and pastries. But if you want to shop American Style at a gigantic supermarket, we have one that is a full block long, and filled with international cheeses, coffees, wines, and all the products you use at home. Click here for our video of Super Buy :



Lot 49 with an astonishing view of the lagoon and its every day Sunset.

Belize Real Estate Waterfront Lot with 180 degree view. Build your private dock and Island Home , or just hold for investment . These waterfront lots are becoming scarce on our beautiful Island.Click the link to see the video:




Lily’s Treasure Chest

Sunday Morning was a delicious breakfast overlooking a beautiful blue sea and clear skies all around. Our video talks about Lily’s great afternoon meals, but breakfast at Lily’s is a great way to start your day on the island. Click the link to watch our video here:


Sandy Toes

Our favorite Beach Bar and Grill is Sandy Toes. We go there for the Buffalo Wings and Ceviche, sometimes a Stuffed Jalapeno. Others frequent this pretty spot right on the beach for their favorite cold beverage. Sandy Toes regulars subscribe to this credo, “Drink in Hand – Toes in Sand”. Watch our video by clicking the following link:


Truck Stop

Everybody loves Truck stop, some for the beautiful sunset views, others for the free swimming pool and outdoor movies, but most just like to hangout and enjoy the variety of flavors in this outdoor food court where Tex-Mex and Asian, each have a trailer with window service. Picnic tables in the center courtyard offer plenty of seating. Obviously this is also a place to take kids who want to roam around in a secure atmosphere. There are also Pizza and Ice Cream trailers for the food kids love. Click the following link to watch our video:


El Fogon

El Fogon is named after the fire hearth – the traditional center of the Belizean kitchen. El Fogon is Spanish for Fire Hearth = Faya Haat in Creole. They are still making their rice & beans and their stewed meats on the fire hearth. And the result is authentic and delicious. You will want to visit the “Fogon” – an enormous iron stove, while waiting for your fresh Belizean seafood, chicken , pork or beef.


Belikin Store

Belikin Store is across from the Tropic Air Terminal and features all the accessories for beer lovers – Mugs, t-shirts, pilaster glasses, magnets, stickers, and a Belikin Draft tap. They even sell Belikin dominoes which is the favorite game for letting time drift by in Central America. See our video on :


Tropic Air

Known as the “Airline of Belize”, it is a privately owned (that’s good) company just like its main competitor Maya Island Air. However. Tropic has more international flights including Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Tropic Air Corporate Headquarters is right here on the Island of Ambergris Caye. :


San Pedro Town Hall

Taxes and Homeowner Dues hurt your retirement fund . Come to Belize and save many thousands on taxes that can be used for a better, happier, warmer retirement .!


Maya Island Air
Maya Island Air has a big, brand new terminal in San Pedro. Their bright green and white planes often bear an image of our national bird, the Toucan, on the tail section. We are proud to bring you video of their new terminal on

Wild Mango’s

Absolutely in my top 3 or 4 restaurants on the beautiful Island of Ambergris Caye.. If you appreciate the talent of a great chef weaving local fruits and produce with freshly caught seafood, then you must try Wild Mango’s. Chef Amy continues to win awards for everything from appetizers to desserts. When you go, watch as the Bartender grinds fresh mint for a mint julep.


Hidden Treasure

The most romantic restaurant on the island, is on a back street South of San Pedro Town. Dine romantically by candlelight, in the sultry tropical air under an exotic hardwood roof set off by bamboo, mahogany, and cabbage-bark wood. Here is our video of Hidden Treasure taken in daylight, on


Elvi’s Kitchen

Mrs. Elvia Staines, Known as Doña Elvia, Is the proud owner of ELVI’S KITCHEN -One of the most popular and distinguished restaurants on Ambergris Caye. Their excellent Sea food Menu, great service and tropical ambiance has made ELVI’S KITCHEN a favorite among tourists and locals. My favorite is the fresh fish wrapped ,in a banana leaf  and baked with Elvi’s  Maya Adobo sauce. Click the link and enjoy the video:


12 Store

100% Belize ! The line of products carried at 12 Belize can change as new artisans are discovered. Spices, soaps, body products, photos, handbags and purses, stained glass, chocolate and many other wonderful Belizean Made products are available. Located at the Velma Linda Plaza. See our video of inside 12 Belize on or just click here to tour this little shop in the center of town:


Antojitos San Telmo Restaurant

Good and inexpensive local food with daily specials.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner except Sundays.  This is a delightful little restaurant, run by a nice family from Guatemala that settled here on the Island. They offer inexpensive, tarsay specials from their home country and Belize. South of town about 3 miles, just before the little circle in the road. See our video of a delicious lunch at Antojito’s  click here:



This is my favorite restaurant, because it keeps improving in quality and the service has always been great. Located on the Middle Street in downtown San Pedro, this is some of the best fish and seafood you can eat! For our video Of Caramba from Click here :


Belize Chocolate Co.

Belize Chocolate Co. makes their own chocolate from a single origin – “Every bean is born in Belize.” How can you pass up chocolate straight from the plantation to you? See our video of their store on Front Street on or here:


La Divina Providencia

This restaurant is not quite “Heaven” as the name suggests, but it is a great place to get your lunch or dinner and grocery shopping done at the same time. The store began offering  few items at 3 or 4 tables years ago. Now it has a full terrace out front and an expansive menu of very reasonably priced local dishes. It is located a few miles south of town, across the street from the elegant Hidden Treasure Restaurant.  See our  La Divina Providencia on or click here:


Premium Wines and Spirits

Are you a family or group where one person prefers wine, another enjoys cold beer, and someone else is fond of sippin’ whiskey? Premium Wines and Spirits in front of Fido’s on Front St. is the place to go. Yes there is a wine snob shop on the island, but you really don’t need to hear more “aromas of charred herbs and pencil shavings” comments when selecting a bottle , do you? Freshly ground coffee from Central America is another treat at this interesting store. See our video on Premium Wines & Spirits on or click on this link:

Neri’s Breakfast Deli
For about half the locals consists of chick or pork tacos. There are lots of places to get them, but the busiest one is Neri’s. These are small tacos with plenty of sauce inside. If you are not used to a spicy taste, then ask for mild or no pepper. Cost is 6 tacos for US $1 . That’s right, for US $3, you could eat 18 tacos for breakfast, but we recommend against that – unless you’re sharing. See our video on Neri’s Tacos at or simply click right here:
Are the national specialty of El Salvador, but you will find them on the Middle Street in the center of San Pedro. Not stuffed crepes and not biscuits either, papusas are like a corn pancake stuffed with your favorite meat or seafood. Add some cheese, or beans to the stuffing and you’ve got a full meal. Best way to describe these grilled beauties is — delicious! Cost is US$ 1.25 per papusa. Bet you can’t eat more than two. See our video on or just click here: